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Connect Entertainment Group

As a boutique agency we strive to develop a strong personal relationship with our artists.  We believe that talent needs to be continually developed and nurtured and we work hard to assist our artists in reaching their personal and professional goals.  Our commitment to the craft helps assure that our CEG actors are the best they can be as they pursue the most coveted jobs in the industry.

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Who We Are

Founded by a diverse group of business leaders with a passion for the arts, CEG has firmly established itself as one of the most artist friendly, transparent talent agencies in the entertainment industry.

We are a full service agency providing representation in our adult theatrical division, adult and youth commercial division, industrial as well as print and new media.

Theatrical Division

We represent a broad range of diverse talent with an emphasis on strong "characters".

The most effective way to join our "family" for representation is through industry referral ie producer, casting director or an existing CEG client.  There are times we take unsolicited submissions to fill a need. E-Mail submissions are preferred.  If sending hard copies of your work, please send something you do not need returned.  It's our intention to get back to all who submit, unfortunately due to the volume of submissions, that's not always possible. We will certainly get back with you if there is an interest,

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Commercial Division

Our robust commercial division includes actors, actresses and comedic talent of all ages. We seek opportunities for our clients in traditional broadcast media as well as the Internet and digital media.

To find out about what CEG commercial can do for you, contact Aileen or Janice at submissions@connectentgroup.com .


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Feel free to send us any information you find relevant to your submission. (ie. headshots)